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This is News from the Discipline Cell

Wearing your DPU Uniform

Hi Everyone

The Squadron was wearing Disruptive Pattern Uniform (DPU) last week and there were a couple of common issues.
I have attached the DPU wearers guide from the AAFC Manual of Dress, which can be found on cadetnet here:

If you have any questions about the information below, please contact your section commander.

  1. Badges and Patches:
    - DPU Air Force Cadets patch centrally above left breast pocket
    - Air Force Cadets Biscuit patch 2cm below shoulder seam on the left sleeve. Also to be worn in the same place on DPU jumpers.
    - DPU Name patch centrally above right breast pocket (Optional)
    - RAAF Ensign patch 10cm below the shoulder seam on the left sleeve. (Optional)
    < - 311 Squadron Patch 10cm below the shoulder seam on the right sleeve. (Optional)
  2. Blousing. This is done by tucking the pants up under an elastic/lackey/drawstring. The blousing should cover the top 2.5cm of the boots. The trousers are NEVER to be tucked into the boot.
  3. Ironing: DPU Shirt and trousers are to be neatly pressed with no creases present/

For more information, see the attached Wearers guide and guide to folding sleeves.
All this information is found in the AAFC manual of dress, which can be accessed via the OIP Portal on Cadetnet.


CIV James Brauer
311 Squadron XI

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