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The Latest 311 Squadron News.

Adventure training award reboot 2016

"3 Wing will conduct an Adventure Training Award Exercise (Titans Rise)
during the period 24 Sep - 01 Oct 16. C1 activity number is 36271 -
nominations close on 5 Aug 16.

A Pre-Selection Instruction is attached to this e-mail.

The ATA is a prestigious and challenging award, and is the highest
acknowledgement of individual Fieldcraft skills and knowledge within
the ADFC. Potential candidates must possess a high degree of
Fieldcraft competency and physical fitness. All potential candidates
will be required to undertake a pre-selection process, including a

Adv/Prof Survival Bivoac 2016 - Dubbo Gully - Post Evaluation

Congratulations to all those cadets who attended the Dubbo Gully Survival Biv held last weekend. Every one of you performed to the best of your ability and showed a great deal of content learnt in class out in the field in a practical sense. The standard of shelters build was brilliant, however some lessons have been learnt and will be applied in the next Survival biv to come. Special Mention to LCDT J. Wasley (Prof) & LCDT S. Inn (Adv) for being the first two up the heartbreaking climb out of Dubbo Gully. Points will be awarded for their brilliant efforts.

311SQN Website contributing & Cadet Involvement

As you've noticed the 311SQN Website has had a vast overhaul of its aesthetics & content, however this website is by the cadets for the cadets. Content can be sourced from ANY cadet who wishes to add to the website such as:

- An insight into unique courses and camps (ie. band, abseiling, NFCC etc.)
- Information on aviation and furthering your flying career (Gliding, Powered, Solo etc.)
- Discussion on past 311SQN Activities such as Bivouac feedback, Rec night & future activity suggestions.
- Simply an aviation related article of interest.

The very near future of AAFC Fieldcraft

"We're trialling the re-introduction of ration packs at the 2016 Fieldcraft Competition later this year. If successful, they will be issued to Wings and Squadrons for all Cadets to use on bivouacs and other fieldcraft activities,"
- National Commander, Group Captain (AAFC) Greg Williamson

The near future of AAFC Aviation

Following the National Commanders Conference of the AAFC's 75th year, many announcements were made in regards to the future of Squadron and Wing Aviation. The Following quotes are direct statements made by AAFC Staff & Directors.

Website - Added content

Many additions have been to the Squadron website in an attempt to increase website activity and accuracy. The following changes/additions have been made:

- The most current Training Program & Organizational chart have been uploaded. Find them under Resources.
- Flight points have been updated, and will be regularly as points are recorded.
- Recruit, Basic, Proficiency & Advanced's Syllabus have all been added under Resources>Training. This is for your reference in preparing lessons or referring to for examination revision.

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