Adventure training award reboot 2016

"3 Wing will conduct an Adventure Training Award Exercise (Titans Rise)
during the period 24 Sep - 01 Oct 16. C1 activity number is 36271 -
nominations close on 5 Aug 16.

A Pre-Selection Instruction is attached to this e-mail.

The ATA is a prestigious and challenging award, and is the highest
acknowledgement of individual Fieldcraft skills and knowledge within
the ADFC. Potential candidates must possess a high degree of
Fieldcraft competency and physical fitness. All potential candidates
will be required to undertake a pre-selection process, including a
personal aerobic fitness assessment ('beep test' level 7.5 minimum).

All suitably experienced 311 Squadron members are encouraged to
nominate and undertake pre-selection, but are advised to be realistic
with their aspirations. The ATA is a mobile, highly-challenging
activity that not all candidates will pass. Pre-selection will reflect

- Extract from recent email from CO 311SQN